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...dal Tramonto all'Alba...

Roma, 2019

“Dal Tramonto all’Alba” (From Dusk till Dawn) is a site specific installation for RGB Light Experience Festival in Rome (4th edition). 
The location selected for the intervention is Goffredo Mameli’s Municipal Library courtyard in Pigneto area. The most interesting aspect is the decision to modify the existing public lighting system, by simply filtering light. A strong concept, with huge impact and no apparent change to the existing system.
The colors used specifically chosen are a clear reference to the most emotional moments of natural light, Dusk and Dawn. The intent was to freeze that moments, in their complete color spectrum, so that people could be totally immersed, experimenting emotions and sensations that warmth and light color can evoke.
dal tramonto all'alba ANONIMA LUCI7.jpg
dal tramonto all'alba ANONIMA LUCI1.jpg
dal tramonto all'alba ANONIMA LUCI5.jpg
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