Macao - Milano, 2019

Neuroscopia was conceived for a musical event and built to fit a specific site. The aim is to start from a defined space and extend its potential by giving a different abstract perception of the space itself.
For this project we had the opportunity to work with one of the most fascinating spaces in Milan: the main hall of the cultural centre Macao. This Liberty building used to host the Meat Stock Market in the early 1900s. The main hall is characterized by a very high ceiling surrounded by arcades and a huge beautiful skylight with a regular metal grid structure.
30 green lasers helped us create a grid in between the two floors that appears as the "virtual" projection of the skylight. When you stand on the ground floor this false perception created by the light makes you see a lower ceiling while, if you are standing upstairs, you can see an abstract floor underneath you. Blue led tubes, carefully placed under the arcades, give you visual depth through backlighting while revealing the architectural structure and features.

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